Why do we need Venture House?


The initial pilot for Venture House will target a cluster of 5-10 houses in close proximity in one neighborhood. This will allow us to fine-tune the model for funding, rehab and applicant screening. These houses will be a first draw from a larger funding vehicle set up to acquire approximately 100 houses. Investors will receive attractive asset-secured returns, while government and nonprofit funds will be minimized and used with much greater efficiency than intervening directly in a few properties at a time.
Venture House is already planning additional targeted program pipelines to support artists, which are such a vital cultural and economic driver for the City; and public service employees like police, fire, nurses and teachers. These programs will feed into the same housing/funding pool.
We have already received inquiries from other communities about this model, and intend for this to serve as a replicable and scalable best practices model for other areas to support entrepreneurs in creating jobs and revitalizing their own neighborhoods.