Who is supporting Venture House?


Individuals, businesses, foundations and other organizations can support Venture House in many ways.

Donations cover operating expenses to maximize the funds going to cover the cost of acquiring and rehabbing Venture Houses, and keep costs down for our entrepreneur and artist residents.

In-kind donations can provide everything from materials for Venture House construction, rehabs and landscaping, to professional services like website design (thanks, SavvyCard and ThinkTank!), PR and social media marketing (thanks, Tracy!), legal work (thanks, Fisher & Sauls PA!), and many other vital functions.

Volunteer hours can help with everything from writing articles to ripping out walls, painting to planting, accounting to event planning.

We especially welcome experienced business professionals and those with specific resources and connections who can serve as advisors, mentors and connectors for Venture House residents.

And we ask you please to consider hosting an event at your home, business or organization to help raise funds for Venture House. There is no appeal we like more than being invited to tell a few of your friends and colleagues about Venture House, and letting you say: I gave generously; you please give too!