What about local?


Venture House seeks to maximize the work of local artisans, craftspeople, professionals and workforce. Local architects, designers, contractors and artists will work together to make each rehab and new build an integral part of its neighborhood, while also incorporating locally-produced products like tiles in kitchen and bath; metal, concrete and wood counters and tabletops; light fixtures; knobs, handles, switch plates and other furnishings throughout.

These partnerships will also create impact in the community beyond just Venture Houses, by helping local artists develop products and work with local design and construction professionals to create another outlet for their skills, while also building interest and contacts for local designers seeking to use local artists and artisans in other projects.

Venture House will also work as much as possible with local trade and vocational schools and apprenticeship programs like Job Corps, Pinellas Technical Education Centers (PTEC) and other workforce development programs that seek to train and provide a path to employment for local youth and others in need of quality employment in our community.